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Achieved objectives by Direct Current BV and partners




  • DC study at the Technical University of Delft.
  • DC course for the University of Amsterdam and the Hague University.
  • DC Foundation established as a knowledge centre and promoting DC.
  • Concepts of autarkic nets designed for underdeveloped areas (e.g. India en Africa).

Technology & Economy

  • World premier first DC grid in a utility building, the Circl of ABN AMRO bank.
  • World premiere first DC grid in a greenhouse as testing area in Haarlemmermeer.
  • Basis of a DC grid laid in the Nupharo Park industrial estate in the Czech Republic . Supported by EU.
  • Drive -train electric vehicle including charging on DC.
  • DC system for public street lighting. First pilot in Aalsmeer.
  • Green Deal for DC=Decent project and serves as a model project for the Parliament.
  • Gelijkspanning is a topic within AgentschapNL.

Health and Environment

  • DC is safer than AC.
  • DC gives no radiation.
  • Less tax on raw materials supply in the world.
  • Saving on energy.
  • Large-scale renewable generation is possible, huge decreases in CO2.
  • Foundation for sustainable energy.




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DC is the future