Public Lighting on DC smart grid


Pilot projects on public lighting

A new series of pilot projects has started in May 2014 in the field of public lighting, realized by CityTec. In cooperation with CityTec, Direct Current Ltd develops the DC driver for LED lighting and the public lighting system, together with the intelligent DC system for the DC smart grid to which the DC lamps are connected. In collaboration, ELEQ produces a specially equipped terminal box for the new lampposts. The LED luminaires are designed and manufactured by Lightwell.

Innovative Intelligent DC System

Direct Current Ltd has developed an intelligent DC system that makes a DC smart grid possible for public lighting. This DC system combines electricity with communication. This is an innovation in the field of DC and is a unique concept of Direct Current Ltd, which is also the first in the world. By adding the communication to the DC system, the behavior of each lamp can be individually controlled and regulated, dimmed, or switched on/off, from a central management system.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy

The DC smart grid can manage much longer distances than the current low-voltage on AC. A DC grid is less susceptible to interference and leads to less energy loss, and thus one saves energy. In addition, a DC grid needs fewer components, thus conserves resources, and is therefore durable compared to the existing AC grid. Also, the DC grid is free of electrolytic capacitors, so that the lifetime of the DC drivers is longer than the AC drivers in the current LED lighting. Consequently,, the DC drivers need to be replaced less often as the AC drivers.


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LED Driver

The LED driver is mounted at the base of the lamppost.

Specifications LED Driver
  • Monitored
  • Operation hours
  • Led voltage and current
  • Dimming
  • Ramping up and down time based
  • Limitation of power per pole
  • % control Relative of max power level
  • 30/60/90W version available
  • Driver IP 68 potted
  • Lighting protection 3kA per pole
  • Smart grid (Current/OS)
  • No inrush current
  • 1.2W standby power including power line communication.
end faq


Grid Supply

The DC system is controlled by a DC power supply that makes a DC-net possible.
Specifications Grid Supply
  • Earth fault protection 1..10mA
  • Cable quality and state is known
  • Arc detection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Fully controlled
  • Smart grid (Current/OS)
  • Power Line Communication G3 protocol connected to the cloud
  • No Breaking Current needed for protection
  • Cable length > 2km
  • 350Vdc 1kW or ±350dc 2kW versions
  • No power factor issues @ light load
  • Connection to GSM network in combination with Luminex segment controller.
end faq


Business park De Liede in the municipality Haarlemmermeer

Realized in 2014. The pilot project in De Liede in Haarlemmermeer is the first business park in the Netherlands with a smart DC grid. The LED lights in the lanterns have DC drivers developed by Direct Current Ltd.

Musselkanaal in the municipality Stadskanaal

Realized in 2014. Stadskanaal is the first municipality in the Netherlands where in the center of the district Musselkanaal the public lighting are connected to a DC smart grid of nearly two kilometers. The existing street lighting is replaced by 44 new lampposts containing the LED lights powered by the DC drivers and the public lighting system developed by Direct Current Ltd.

Residential area in Alphen aan den Rijn

Realized in 2015. First residential area with DC street lighting connected to a DC-net.

Public lighting in Zeeland

Realized in 2015.

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