MVDC/LVDC Converter



In general

Within the IPIN program (Innovation Program Intelligent Networks), DC=Decent is a part of the research and development projects developing a DC/DC converter from of a medium voltage to low voltage.

These converters are multifunctional in the following areas:

  • DC power for data centers
  • Link with storage possibly combined with a BMS system
  • Solar panels parks
  • Chargers for EV

The latest techniques are used for these converters and they are now digitalized, and as a result of this, the behavior becomes fully parameterizable which makes DC very safe to use.



At this moment, we develop a DC to DC converter that converts +/-7kV or +/-14kVdc to +/-700Vdc. This converter does not yet exist and should be fully developed. For the converter, the starting points are the following:

  • Efficiency >98%
  • Redundant
  • Compatible with LVDC infrastructure
  • Compatible with MVDC infrastructure
  • Modular set
  • Interchangeable while in operation
  • Power 50 or 100kW per module
  • Communication between distribution network and locally is seperated
  • Power meters and registration

In this project we work together with the following companies:

Project made possible by the ministry of EL&I and AgentschapNL