Utility building with smart grids on DC

Direct Current BV develops and realizes smart dc grids in non-residential constructions. Reference projects are: the multifunctional and circular building CIRCL of ABN AMRO Bank and the multifunctional building PULSE on the campus of the Technical University of Delft.

Public lighting on DC smart grid

Direct Current Ltd has developed DC-drivers for LED-lightings and a system for public lightings, as well as an intelligent DC system for a DC smart grid for public lighting. In co-operation with CityTec, this is being implemented in several pilot projects.

Energy-neutral homes on DC smart grid

In collaboration with BAM, for a project renovation of 110,000 Zero-energy-meter homes, we implement our smart DC systems in three phases. The aim is to have the homes completely running on DC from electricity generation to usage.


In the project DC=Decent generated power of local CHPs is being linked to a management system for regulating demand and supply of electric energy. The linking is realized by means of a small-scale network on the basis of direct current (DC), wherein the real-limit is exceeded.

MVDC/LVDC Converter

Within the IPIN program DC=DECENT, a part of this project involves the research and development of a medium voltage to low voltage DC/DC converter. These converters are multifunctional and can be used in, for example, data centers, storage links possibly combined with a BMS system, solar panel parks, chargers for EV.

DC in the Greenhouse

The greenhouse market is widely using HID lighting fixtures to illuminate the crops. When using supplemental lighting based on AC, a lot of energy is wasted in the conversion of AC into DC in each lighting fixture. By centralizing conversion of AC to DC, instead of local conversion in each of the lighting fixtures, a lot of energy would be saved.