Products by Direct Current BV

Direct Current BV Designed and Produced the following products to make a full system based on a DC grid. Our systems are based on Current/OS to make a smart managed open grid structure that can be used for industrial, offices, home and outdoor applications.

Our sister company Hellas Rectifiers BV produces the Rectifiers needed for industrial DC application like Cathodic Protection, Plating, Electrolyze and Anodizing.

Our sister company Amstel Rectifiers BV produces SMPS rectifiers for Cathodic Protection, Plating, Electrolyze and battery chargers.

Project example ABN

The circular economy – a much-discussed topic in ABN AMRO’s boardrooms. We want to speed up the transition to a more sustainable society, and are doing our bit by futureproofing our own branch offices. And we have just started building a completely circular pavilion: sustainable from foundation to rooftop and from design to operation. ABN AMRO is exploring the possibilities.

Circular economy in a nutshell

A brief recap: in a circular economy, we take better care to conserve our shrinking supply of raw materials for products by recycling as much as possible. As opposed to our current linear model – in which we make things, use them and throw them away – we design new products so that they are easier to recycle. With sustainable production methods, moreover, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To sum it up: circular production leads to a better environment, a healthier society and a sustainable economy.
The reduction of components and the high modularity of DC system makes the next step in circular economy.

ABN AMRO working on circular economy icon 150kW Installation running on 350V DC voltage level

Products installed

  • 150kW Solar panels directly connected to a 350V DC grid
  • Protection by Current Routers  16A 350V
  • USB-C Sockets connected by a 350V DC grid
  • 150kW AC/DC bidirectional 350V DC grid source
  • 30kW LED lighting
  • 2kW DC/AC converters for 230Vac 2000W  AC from the 350V DC grid

Installation done by the Dutch BAM bouwen & techniek


DC Updates



DC in Office Buildings

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