AM1L  AC/DC 1kW including Current Router

Converter for small safe DC grids based on 350Vdc up to 1kW. This converter makes a safe isolated from the mains a new DC grid with all the smart features in it.



  • AC input 400Vac between the two phases
  • DC output 350Vdc @ 1kW isolated
  • Earth fault protection 1..30mA 10ms...0.1s adjustable
  • PLC G3 power line communication for congestion management
  • DC Metering and monitoring
  • Overcurrent protection <8us at the terminals
  • 2x Digital input and 2x Digital output
  • Plus or Minus can be grounded
  • Supply can be combined into a bipolair grid +/- 350Vdc
  • Crowbar function <0.1ms remove of DC voltage in case of RCD function


  • Power factor >0.98
  • Efficiency > 96.5%
  • Isolation >1500Vdc
  • Input voltage 360Vac ... 440Vac






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