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Direct Current in the Spotlight

Over 2000 visitors attended The Innovation Relay in the Van Nelle factory yesterday. It was a big success.

Direct current really held  the spotlight! The post was manned by nine persons from Joulz, Kema, Innosys Delft, Direct Current BV, and The Direct Current Foundation.

We were able to show many visitors a glimpse into the future by telling them about our 'Master Plan Direct Current Haarlemmermeer.' Electric vehicles were also a hot topic at the event and at our post. From the direct current point of view we were able to contribute in a good and interesting manner to this discussion. More and more governers, managers and engineers understand that direct current is the future. There was almost no discussion on whether direct current or alternating current, on the contrary, the visitors gave us a lot of advice, support and sympathy. Many new and interesting contacts were established, and who knows what future collaborations will ensue from this!


Photo: The men from Direct Current BV. By: Fred Ernst Fotografie/Fotojournalist