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Energeia Energy Day 2019 


This year, the Energeia Energy Day 2019 conference will take place on 20 June 2019. An initiative by Energeia with DNV-GL as lead sponsor. Harry Stokman, CEO Direct Current / DC Systems BV and also active in the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), will also participate in an in-depth parallel session with Arjan van Voorden from Stedin. 

The Second Grid

During the session, Harry Stokman will explain his solution of a Second Grid for an efficient energy transition: "To be able to use the fluctuating sustainable sources, the current electricity grid must be increased and/or adapted to a smart grid. A radically different solution is a Second Grid: a smart DC grid that may coexist with the AC grid in the future. "

Energeia Energy Day 2019

"On June 20th Energeia will organize the Energeia Energy day: the event for the Dutch energy professional. DNV GL is proud to be lead sponsor of this event. Register here to join us. DNV GL will be hosting 2 parallel sessions in the afternoon. Our topic is ‘The value of the energy transition for the Netherlands’. The Dutch climate debate is rather dominated by the discussion about the costs and the role of Dutch industry. The transition to a sustainable energy supply is also a source of economic opportunities and innovations. What makes our country so special and how can we create a strong home market for sustainable technology and become an internationally leading exporter of sustainable technology?"


Read more about this at the page of Energeia (in Dutch):

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