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Historical choice: from 230 VAC to 350 VDC

NPR 9090: The first Practical Guideline for DC installations

"2018 could well be a historic year in the development of international electrical engineering, with the Netherlands setting the tone: from 230 Volt alternating current (AC) to 350 Volts direct current (DC) .The new core colors for DC are red, white and blue. This and more has been recorded in our country in the very first NPR 9090 for DC installations, which appears alongside the familiar low voltage standard NEN 1010.

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Harry Stokman has received the 1906 Award of the IEC

Aalsmeer, 20 september 2018 

Harry Stokman has been awarded by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) the 1906 Award "in recognition of his dedication to furthering LVDC technologies for developed and developing economies. His amiable style, depth of technical expertise, breadth of experience and friendly approach make him an ideal member and leader in LVDC standards development." 

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First energy-neutral building Pulse on TU Delft campus officially opened

Delft, 30 August 2018

The energy-neutral building Pulse on the campus of the University of Delft was festively opened on 30 August. Pulse has the scoop of being the very first building on a university campus that is energy-neutral.

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DC congress Groot Gelijk DC=DeCent 2018

Nieuwegein, 15 June 2018

The second conference on DC was very successful. The DC Foundation Netherlands, together with KIEN Innovation Masters, TKI Urban Energy and CityTec, organized the DC Congress Groot Gelijk DC=DeCent on 15 June 2018 in Nieuwegein.  

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Baas and Direct Current BV work together to realize the Second Grid in the Netherlands

News item at Baas B.V., December 13, 2017

The start of a nice collaboration between Direct Current and Baas 

Direct Current BV wants to make a DC infrastructure possible. It therefore develops innovative products and systems to meet our energy needs in a sustainable way.

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