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Direct Current Ltd is a company in which European leading DC Expert, Harry Stokman, along with a team of specialists, develops innovative solutions for sustainable energy.

Direct Current Ltd focuses on providing:

  • Opinion
  • Research
  • Development
  • Innovation
  • Software

 Some applications, for example:

  • Design of Joint Energy Company, based on DC.
  • Design of AC / DC converters for special applications.
  • Designing battery chargers.
  • Design of high power DC / DC converters.
  • High power AC / DC converters up to 1 megawatt.
  • The maximum use of natural energy.
  • Setting up data centers based on DC. Data centers based on DC have a possibility of energy saving of 20 to 30%.


  • Power electronics.
  • Substrate technology.
  • Embedded Systems & 8.16 32 bit microcontrollers, DSPs.
  • High DC currents up to 30.000A.



Development Direct Current Ltd develops full-certified end products. Including casing.

Manufacturing Direct Current Ltd offers the possibility to produce the developed product through our sister company Hellas Rectifiers Ltd, or outsource to third parties. These companies are all certified by Direct Current Ltd.

Making a DC infrastructure possible

We are convinced that the reduction of energy supply encourages the consumers to be energy-conscious, and, consequently, this will yield the society an immediate and visible energy saving.

We hope that, in effect, Direct Current Ltd will play a significant part in this development.